FOLD 003 - Some Nights All Right

It was night and the sky roiled with miracles. Shoe sat at the edge of the old canal, feet swinging, while above the dragon circled once and roared, belching curtains of fire down upon the distant skyline. The water before her glowed orange with the flame, which she thought was a really nice touch. She made a quick note of the dragon's tag.

The stars, normally dim anywhere in Zentrale, had been dramatically brightened and then turned into swirling flowers; she watched them spin and flutter around the moon. The moon, with a ping, suddenly dropped from the sky and hit the street behind her. She turned to watch as it bounced and rolled away before fizzing out of existence. By the time she looked back up the dragon had changed into a colossal penis, wreaking strange havoc on a distant skyscraper. Sighing, she purged the tag.

The night went on. All around were people, some staring up, some cheering and hooting, others frantically conducting. More than a few called out and waved to her. She waved back. She knew some from Zero, but that was how everybody knew her. From around the block she could hear the muffled roar of the club from which groups had come to watch the spectacle. The shared Fold around her could only be hit from within a few blocks.

A cool breeze whispered across the canal. She shivered and was oddly struck as to how real the wind felt. A tap on her shoulder: it was Jet, with beer. The night continued to improve! He sat down beside her as the ribbon of water before them washed up sparkling into the air.