FOLD 004 - Light It Up

Pretty much nobody even flinched when the bomb went off, great clouds of dust and smoke and limbs and whatever. Nobody was hurt, either. There was that real one awhile back, but even then everyone assumed it was just some Skrim stunt until the wind picked up and rammed all those lovely chemicals up their noses. And suddenly the reality of it was totally surreal. I got down there as soon as I could but the High Ward cops were already on the case and they weren't having any of my so-called credentials. Now it's just all these annoying copycat Skrim bombings. Copycat...

Well, Kitty promised he had nothing to do with all this. I'll choose to believe him.

Did you ever try those noseplugs they had for sale a few years ago? I checked them out, suffered Bit's usual attitude about that sort of thing. I was relieved that they didn't actually go up your nose, but just sorta taped across the nostrils with a thin tube around back to the chempack. I could have told them those things would flop, big time.

Anyway, the smells weren't even that accurate. We can experience all the sights and sounds of a terrorist bombing, but not the smell. What's the resolution of the human nose anyway?

I had those noseplugs in for about a week. Then I sneezed, and that was that.